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Yeast Infection: A Vaginal Fungus Infection

A discharge mainly white in color is experienced due to yeast infection.Yeast infection might also be caused when a person's immune structure is not balanced and influenced properly.Inappropriate means of clothing like tainted and tight underwear may often lead in the formation of yeast infection.Further, proper guidance from doctors is also necessary to be taken when the yeast infection becomes quite acute.Hormones, either natural or simulated also create yeast infection.Yeast infection can be overcome by means of self treatment.Women undertaking contraceptive pills are prone to get the yeast infection. Candida is virtually caused due to sexual intercourse which is transmitted from one partner to the other.It is estimated that regular use antibiotics, birth control pills also causes yeast infection.Yeast infection is a fungal infection which is also called as Candidiasis.Diet is also a cause of yeast infection.Unprotected sex often causes yeast infection.
Prolonged use of antibiotics for the purpose of treatment of certain diseases leads to yeast infection.The cause of yeast infection is immense and varied but the prime cause is the sexual intercourse which is enjoyed in the ground of unprotected sex.Yeast infection can develop symptoms like continuous itching, irritation, discomfort and burning sensation in the vagina.Yeast infection causes to the formation of certain irritation in the vagina.More particularly, males who are not circumcised are prone to catch this infection.Yet another cause of yeast infection is the use of condoms which contains a lubricant known as nonoxynol-9, which kills the HIV virus.Farzina Naznin's concepts related to women's health can be read in her articles written for the sites like http://www.Candida along with certain other forms of yeast causes yeast infection which occurs in the vagina, rectum or in the mouth.Yeast infections are mostly found in the vagina of the women but it causes no serious problems.It is estimated that majority of women in one way or the other in their lifetime are affected by yeast infection.Yeast infection is also prone to affect the male folk through the means of sexual intercourse.Moreover, certain injury in the vagina or in the vaginal membrane can to a certain extent cause yeast infection.Yeast infection is found to be more prominent in the vagina.Candida albicans is the prime cause of vaginal yeast infection.There is certain yeast containing food which intensifies the frequency of the yeast infection.Comments are most welcome at farnaznin@gmail.Besides Candida, cause of yeast infection might also be entitled to antibiotics.Painful and swelling breasts, anxiety, depression, acne problem are certain other symptoms of yeast infection.

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Can I get an oral or vaginal yeast infection from exposing these areas to baking yeast?

My roommate is currently on a wild bread making kick, and is horrible about cleaning up the kitchen whenever he is done. A small amount of baker's yeast is obviously in the doughy residue that he allows to accumulate on the range, countertop, and unwashed bowls that he leaves in the sink, and apart from the fact that this is aesthetically disconcerting, I fear that this is turning out kitchen into a breeding ground for fungus.

I know that oral thrush and vaginal yeast infections are usually caused by candida, and that baker's yeast is of another species, but is there any danger that could come from letting such messes sit untouched? If I were to inadvertently bring baker's yeast into contact with one of my mucus membranes, might it cause or make me more susceptible to an infection? If not, are there any other immediate threats to my health that this yeast could possibly cause?

I know that all of these questions would be deemed irrelevant if I were to just clean the kitchen myself, but I feel as though this would be some useful knowledge to have for future reference - as well as an opportunity to get in a fair "I told you so" with said roommate.

Excuse my paranoia, but I am simply wanting to make sure. Serious answers only, and please do not respond if you are unsure or cannot substantiate your answer. Thanks!

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i'm not sure if this is serious.
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