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Keep the fungus with home made remedies

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Keep the fungus with home made remedies
A lack of personal hygiene is certainly the main factor behind any kind of a skin infection. This is particularly true in the case of fungal infections of the skin. The body is in any case allowed a number of fungi that live on the surface of the skin. Here are benign organizations that do not any problem cause the skin at all. However, some fungi may begin to form on the surface of the skin or which could to be dangerous. Some of the most common infections caused by fungi on the skin are athlete's foot, Jock itch, ringworm and scabies. Candidiasis is still a common form of infection caused by an overgrowth of yeast on certain parts of the body. Candidiasis is mainly caused by the proliferation of fungi on the body and nails, especially if the areas are wet. This is the reason that this infection occurs primarily when there is the chance of the remaining area rather wet or at least damp, for example, nail beds, mouth, the crooks and crannies and folds on the skin and even genitals. Overgrowth of yeast on the mouth is called oral thrush and even on the genital organs are called genital thrush. The vagina is particularly susceptible to this infection in the fact that it remains damp, almost all the time.



It can be seen, in most cases, any kind of skin infections are characterized by unsightly patches on the skin. However, they may also appear in various other forms, such as small bumps red on the skin, not tender to the touch or simply difficult inflammations, like buttons. These problems can become extremely ill at ease, not to mention the unsightly and annoying, especially if they appear in the regions who are constantly bared, such as the skin on the face and neck. In all cases, even keeping spoiled side, one should get such infections treated as soon as possible, because they could become more serious if left alone too long. Not only they have a huge propensity to spread to various parts of the body away from giant, they can also be extremely contagious, getting transferred by simple button between open wounds. In addition, if such infections persist even after being treated, it is likely that they report something terrible, like a gap in the immune system, or a kind of a serious internal illness. There are different types of treatments available for fungal contractions, such as topical cream Naturasil gale, which is extremely effective and is available even on the internet.
There are a variety of treatments that can be made to get rid of ugly and painful skin infections. These products are extremely effective and can be used safely by anyone of any type of skin, race, or sex. Internal conditions are not an obstacle to the application of these cream and gels and tonics. The effectiveness of these products can be judged by the popularity of the Immune Naturasil renew in the United Kingdom
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Vaginal thrush how long does it take to go away?

i am very itchy and sore on the outside of my vagina.. I tried caneston cream / suppositry and in the end had to get a tablet diflucan from the pharmacy.. last wednesday.. how long does it take to go away its driving me mad

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It is estimated that over 75% of women suffer from vaginal yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. It is a minor problem that is cured within a couple of days for some, and some women are known to suffer from this fungus for years. It has been noticed that women who have vaginal yeast infection for years have usually not sought medical help, neither have they tried out any proper home remedy to eradicate the fungus.

Some symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are:

•An unusual thick, odorless, whitish vaginal discharge
•Unexplained pain during sexual intercourse
•Uncontrollable itching and a burning sensation in the vagina and the skin surrounding the vagina (vulva)
•Unexplained swelling of the vulva
•Burning sensation during urination.

If you suspect that you have vaginal yeast infection and it is the first time, it is advised that you visit your gynecologist and get it checked. It may be some more serious type of vaginal infection or vaginal inflammation such as trichomonas, or bacterial vaginosis.

Home Remedies for Treating Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infection can either be cured orally or by vaginal insertion. Most of these home remedies have been tried and tested for their efficacy. You can usually cure yourself in the privacy of your home without the need to visit your gynecologist.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a known natural antifungal. Pour a few drops of undiluted tea tree oil on a tampon coated with a lubricant and insert into vagina. Keep it for at least half an hour. Do this every morning and night for a couple of days. This will surely get rid of the infection.


Make a paste of garlic pods and apply to skin around the vagina. It may burn a bit, but is very effective. This paste can be used for yeast infection in other parts of the body too. Another way to use garlic for vaginal yeast infection cure is to cut a few garlic pods fine and wrap it in a cheesecloth. Insert into vagina for about 20 minutes leaving part of cheesecloth hanging out for easy removal.


Dip a tampon in yogurt and insert in vagina. Do this twice a day, once in the morning and at night till symptoms go away. Another way is to take a tablespoon of yogurt and inset into vagina. This is best done at night just before going to bed. Regular douching with yogurt has proved effective. Along with these cures it is also advised to eat plenty of yogurt. It is good for your entire system and will cure the fungus too. Buttermilk gives good results too. Drink a glass of buttermilk in the afternoon, and one at night.


This is probably the most sticky and uncomfortable way of curing vaginal yeast infection, but it is said to work wonders. Take half a cup of honey into the bathroom. Pour a liberal amount of honey on all affected portions, while sitting on the toilet seat. Be seated this way for about 20 minutes. After this you can have a bath with warm water. Dry the vaginal area thoroughly using super absorbent paper. You will feel much better. Do this twice a day, morning and just before going to bed at night.


Vinegar is renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Fill a bathtub with warm water mixed with 1 cup of vinegar. Soak in this bath solution for about 20 minutes. Dry the vaginal area thoroughly using super absorbent paper. Any vinegar will do, but the best results have been found using apple cider vinegar.

Precautions to Avoid Yeast Infection

Prevention is better than cure. Taking these precautions will ensure that you do not suffer from vaginal yeast infection.

•Avoid wearing clothing made of synthetic material
•Avoid wearing leotards and pantyhose daily
•Avoid wearing tight fitting panties
•Avoid wearing tight jeans daily
•Avoid remaining in wet clothes for too long
•Wear clothes made of natural fibers
•Wear well-fitting cotton panties
•Change wet clothes immediately to dry ones. Wipe yourself clean, especially the vaginal area with super absorbent paper.
•Avoid using sprays and perfumes in the genital area. Also stay away from deodorant sanitary pads and tampons.
•After using the toilet always wipe from front to back, never back to front.


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