Thursday, September 20, 2012

The connection of Cancer fungus

The connection of cancer of the fungus has become a problem of violent debate in the world of cancer.  For centuries, it was considered that cancer is a genetic dysfunction at the cellular level.  However, there are some doctors who are considering a different theory, in that cancer is a fungus.

Based on my own experience with cancer in my family and after seeing first-hand how he literally can eat living flesh good life, I am inclined to support this way of thinking.  In my opinion, cancer and yeast infection are very likely to go hand in hand.


In the world of plants, cancers are always the result of a fungal invasion.  Why couldn't it be the same for humans?  It is a well known fact that candidiasis or yeast infections are endemic in cancer patients.  Most doctors believe that an overgrowth of the Candida Vienna following cancer. But what happens if the cancer was actually caused by the fungus Candida overgrowth?  Is very like the old adage that questions which came first... the "egg or the hen".

It is very possible that Candida is the cause of cancer, which weakens the immune system and then invaded the entire body.  There are new treatments to study today that are used successfully, using bicarbonate of sodium for the target tumours.  It is well known that the Candida cannot survive in an alkaline environment, or cancer can.  Sodium bicarbonate can successfully alkalize the body very quickly, creating a welcoming atmosphere in Candida and cancer both.

Sodium bicarbonate, in case you're wondering, is simply the bicarbonate of soda.  Good household, you can buy in any store.  For Candida and yeast infections you can simply put some baking soda in capsule and oral, to exercise the built in your system with acid.  For cancer, however, it is best to ask a specialist who studied these treatment options as there are specific methods and how to deal with that target the cancer effectively.

For me, it is frightening to think that a simple yeast infection may cause one day cancer.  However, with all that I've learned so far on the effects of Candida and cancer of the fungus link and it is, I think that it is quite possible, indeed likely that either, at least, a very important factor.

The connection of cancer fungus begs more deep research and review.  Take measures to alkalize your body.  Too acidic bodies are very likely to deal with finally serious health conditions.  In the meantime, "an ounce of prevention is better than cure", as the saying goes...  It is much easier to stay healthy, rather than get in good health!

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Stay tuned for what causes Infections yeast - The acid alkaline Balance.

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