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Say aaah! yeast infection in the mouth

It’s called oral thrush. When the mouth develops an infection in the mucous membranes, there can be a number of reasons behind it. It can be caused by fungus, by bacteria, or by a disease. One of the more probable causes of mouth infection is the fungus Candida albicans. The yeast infection in the mouth of babies is commonly called thrush while those that occurred in the mouth and throat of adults are referred to as candidiasis or morniliasis.

Candida which is also known as Monilia (hence morniliasis) is a naturally occurring fungi that looks like yeast. It is normal to find Candida in small amounts in the digestive track as well as in the vaginal tracks of women. You might have heard of yeast infections in women, this is the same Candida that causes the yeast infections in the mouth. Commonly, the infection begins when the Candida which should normally be in just small quantities start growing rapidly. The fungi then infect the moth and throat by targeting the tissues or by producing some toxins which causes some burning and quite painful sensations.

A number of reasons can trigger the infection of Candida in the mouth and throat areas. One of these is taking antibiotics. Drug treatments like chemotherapy also make the body more susceptible to yeast infections. These drugs make the environment more favorable for Candida growth. The other microorganism that keeps the yeast in place is reduced due to the effects of the drugs allowing an overgrowth of the Candida fungi.

Diabetes, malnutrition, drug abuse and a compromised immune system can also induce changes which make Candida growth more favorable. This is why babies and people with advanced age are more likely to develop oral yeast infections. Their immune system is still not that strong to withstand any small change in their environment.

Also, it has been found out that people with dentures that don’t fit well are more likely to develop yeast infection in the mouth that those with perfectly fitted dentures. Dentures that don’t fit well might damage the mucous membranes in the mouth. The damaged areas may serve as a doorway for the Candida fungi to invade the tissues.

Oral yeast infections have been observed to have discharges that vary from white to cream-coloured. At times, yellow spots in the mouth are also good indications that yeast has already grown considerable and began infecting the mucous membranes of the mouth. This can become unbearable to adults since oral yeast infections comes with burning sensation in the mouth and throat.

In treating the infection, the cause of the problem needs to be addressed. If dentures appear to be the trigger, then replacing them would be the first step. A compromised immune system, however, might be a little tricky. But doctors will find a way around it.

Treatment does not stop there. You will be directed to take antifungal drugs to help eliminate the fungi from your mouth and throat. Most often, the antifungal drugs used for treating oral yeast problems come in the form of pastilles. By sucking on the pastilles, the antifungal medicine acts on the infection directly.

Firstly, the condition that caused the thrush must be brought under control. This might involve investing in new and better fitting dentures, or adjusting diabetes treatment. For AIDS patients, it is not always possible to correct the immune deficiency, and a course of oral treatment using antifungal drugs has to be used.

There are cases, however, that the infection has become severe that antifungal pastilles are no longer effective. There are other treatment options for yeast infection in the mouth at your disposal. So, don’t worry, I’m sure your doctor will guide you all the way.

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What foods will get rid of yeast infection in mouth and tummy?

my tummy gurgles all the time and has tons of gas bubbles all day
i also have a whitish film on tongue
is it yeast? if so how to get rid of it?i had all this for months now

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I have a natural healing book this is the info in it.
candiada albicans yeast grows more rapidly when the body has a lack of iron/magnesium., zinc or vitamin deficiency.
theyeast than obtains these vital mineral and vitamins from foods depriving the body of those nutrients. the result is continuing symptoms of deficiency and a weakened immune system
try to eat abundant fruit and vegetables and whole grains.

Yeast infections usually result form a weakened immune system taking plant extracts of
echinacea/ astragalus/ and siberian ginseng can support you immuine defenses make sure that they are of good quality

To kill yeast once you have an infection try plant based fungicides such as grapefruit seed extract and herbal teas including "mate tea" taking supplements of acidophilus and eating yogurt with live cultures (plain unsweatened 1%) help to restore the good bacteria in your intestine

to avoid reinfection
wash underwear /stockings/ towels in hot water 140 F to kill yeast cells
ware cotton underware(synthetics make yo usweat more the extra moisture provides good growing conditions )
toothbrushes are frequent sources of transmission and reinfectons change your toothbruch every four weeks and more during infections.
use a soap free washing lotion to prevent injury to the skin's protective acid coating/ be sure to dry your skin very thoroughly after washing.

the reasons for all of these procations is once you have it one place you can spread to others

grapefruit seed extract is a highlyeffective antibiotic and fungicide. it kills candida yeast without harming natureal intestinal flora.
you can get this in capsule form at some pharmacies and health foods stores


natural healing book
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  • You need to improve your digestion. A good pro biotic is the answer. Did you take some antibiotics in the last couple of years ?
    The best probiotic is Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic 24+ can be found on line.
    Good natural fungicides: Cinnamon capsules, oregano capsules, Olive leaf extract. grapefruit seed extract. All can be found at health stores.
    A food allergy could be Dairy products, Eggs, peanuts (including peanut butter) white flour and sugar. Stay off of these for a week and see if you feel better.


    15 years of natural research.
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  • You can buy a supplement at natural food stores called acidophilous - this is the natural "good" bacteria that is supposed to be living in our digestive systems. Sometimes we go way off balance (antibiotics is one common reason) so the bad bacteria takes over. Put the good stuff back in charge! Acidophilous should be refrigerated so it stays alive, if the store doesn't have it refrigerated, get it somewhere else.


    My sister is a physician assistant and swears by this! Any bacterial imbalance in the body can be corrected with this.
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  • Good old plain yogurt is the trick. If you feel you need it you can get Acidopholis.
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  • We cannot tell if it is yeast overgrowth from the computer, however it is likely, and very common. You are right on that eating well is key to health, and excess sugar, refined flour products, chlorinated water and caffeine can all contribute to yeast overgrowth as can antiobiotics and other drugs.

    "Probiotics" such as cultured yogurt, acidophilus supplemented (Jarrow brands and Primal Defense being among those of excellent quality, though can be pricy) helps rebalance the healthy bacteria in your gut. Fermented raw veggies ( are probably the strongest source for rebalancing as well as most cost effective, but does take a little time investment in learning how. Is a wise habit though, to build immunity as well as digestion...
    If you are adventurous with an earthy palate, safe and nourishing herbs to eat would be burdock root (you can find these in health food groceries and find recipes online), dandelion leaves, and roasted chickory tea. These are traditional gut builders and are very safe herbs and good medicine.

    However, to inititally CLEAR OUT the excess yeast, I strongly second the suggestion of grapefruit seed extract, or GSE. Although use caution if you are pregnant and ALWAYS take in water if you use the liquid extract rather than pills. Other helpful supplements are capryllic acid and the herb pau d'arco you can take in capsules. Copious amounts of raw garlic or garlic tabs are also helpful and avoiding sugar as much as possible is crucial!

    It is probably not celiac disease, which usually has much more dramatic symptoms, although it could be a wheat, soy, or nut sensitivity that can develop even after you have had no problems with this food in the past (often referred to as an "allergy"). You can cut out suspect food and see how your body responds, also try an herbal bitter before meals such as Sweedish Bitters, to stimulate digestion.
    You can also have your doctor or other healthcare provider order a test for you from a place like Genova Diagnostics who have excellent tests for food allerigies, candida (yeast infection), etc
    There is a lot of good research on this available, just be wary of information garnished from web sites trying to sell you their products, its often a little over the top and not legitimate.
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  • Sounds like you should stay away from wheat and sugar. You should really check with your doctor. You might have celiac disease which is a wheat and gluten intolerance. If you have a lot of yeast, you should be checked for diabetes. Don't let this go....please check with your doctor.
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    Nudity Is Healthy for Brains and Bodies

    Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies - 14 Mar 2012
    Celebrities? Many movie stars skinny-dip at the French Riviera, trying to elude ... causing yeast infections, urinary tract infections, rotting toenails.
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