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Candida Diet – Stir Fry Asparagus Chicken

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Afraid a candida diet will “cramp your cuisine”?  No worries–here’s a tasty stir fry chicken recipe that is healthy and candida diet approved!
I have added a yummy and healthy seasoning oil called “Oleolux” below the stir fry chicken recipe.  Use this oil to add extra flavor to most all of your recipes.
Stir Fry Asparagus Chicken
Prep. Time:  20 Minutes
Serves 2
1 medium onion cut and sliced to medium thickness2 medium garlic cloves, minced and pressed1 TBS organic chicken broth1 TBS minced fresh ginger2 medium boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into 1 inch pieces (organic free range poultry is best) 1 bunch asparagus either whole spears or cut into 1 inch lengths according to preference (about 2-2 1/2 cups when cut); 3 TBS of Oleolux - or to taste (add approx. 2 minutes before removing from heat to avoid overheating the oil and losing important nutritional benefits) 1/2 tsp.  red chili flakes (or to taste)Sea salt and ground fresh pepper to tasteDirections:
1. Cut onion and mince garlic, and let them sit for approximately 5-10 minutes to bring out all of their  health benefits.
2. Heat the 1 TBS of chicken broth in a stainless steel wok or 12-inch skillet.  Stir fry the onion in broth for about 2 minutes over medium high heat, stirring constantly.
3. Add garlic, ginger and chicken, and continue to stir-fry for approximately 3-4 minutes while stirring constantly.
4. Add the asparagus and red chili flakes. Stir together and cover. Cook for another 2-3 minutes. The asparagus may need to cook a bit longer is it’s very thick.
5.  Season with Oleolux, sea salt and ground fresh pepper to taste.Oleolux Seasoning Oil
Using a container (mayonaisse or canning jar) in which you want to store your oleolux, add 8 tablespoons of chilled organic flaxseed oil (use flaxseed oil with no lignans) and return to the refrigerator until ready to add additional sauteed ingredients.In a saute pan, heat 8.8 ounces of coconut oil on low heat.Add approx. one medium-sized onion cut in half  (or into smaller pieces).  Cook until the onion is slightly browned – about 15 minutes. Add 10 garlic cloves (these can be whole, sliced or chopped, depending on taste).  Heat the garlic for about 3 minutes in the pan with the onion.Remove the onion halves. Pour the coconut oil mixture through a sieve into the cooled flaxseed oil. Store the Oleolux in the refrigerator.
Oleolux makes a great substitute for butter, too.  You can use it on whole bread or toast, potatoes, and other vegetables.  Add to cooked foods after cooking to keep heat to a minimum.   Avoid heating this oil over two minutes as overheating will destroy the sensitive fatty acids that are in the flax oil.

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Candida Diet?

My doctor has put me on the candida diet.
Does anyone know if i can drink Sprite Zero or have any other food or drinks with an artificial sweetener in it?
I know most fruit is out of the question, what fruits can I eat?
I don't mind missing out on the cakes and alcohol but I hate missing out on fruit.

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Many have tried the extra virgin coconut oil and it works. Candida is a fungal infectionand you have to cut off sweet stuff, refined foods, mushrooms and any foods with yeast contents in them. Avoid sweet fruits and eating the less ripened ones can help.Artificial sweetener are unhealthy for a start but try my recommendation. Good Luck!
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