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Meanings behind Japanese dragon tattoos

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Dragons are fascinating creatures, as are most things based in fantasy. When it comes to a dragon tattoo, your preferences and creativity are at the forefront because there is no concern over making the design look realistic. Japanese dragon tattoos are lively and exciting designs. While your tattoo studio is likely to have a good amount of Chinese and Japanese dragon tattoo flash for you to select from, it can be fun to do a little bit of

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Exercise and Yeast Problems

Do you know what the number one cause of a yeast infection is? It is not yeast in the body, although that is what many people feel that it is. You might be surprised to learn that yeast is actually present in the world around us at all times and in almost 50% of us, it is also in our body in natural levels. The yeast does not cause any harm and as a matter of fact, it provides us with some benefits that can not be found anywhere else in nature. This yeast is in our body in a limited sense because of natural bacteria which helps to keep the number of spores in check.
The real problem occurs whenever an imbalance happens within our body and the bacteria is reduced to a certain extent. This starts a chain reaction in which our body is no longer able to naturally fight off the yeast that is present and it is allowed to spawn and grow to the point where it becomes a real problem. In order for us to overcome the yeast infection naturally, we need to balance our body out and regain some of the bacteria that was lost.
There are a number of different ways that we can do this but it really all depends on why we are having a problem keeping this bacteria alive in our bodies. One of the main reasons why we have a difficult time with this is because doctors are so quick to push antibiotics at us. Yes, these do help to reduce the bacteria which causes sickness in us but it does so indiscriminately. Antibiotics kill both good bacteria and bad bacteria in our bodies which leave us defenseless against yeast infections.
In order for you to truly overcome the problem, you need to do three different things. You need to eat the right foods, drink plenty of water and get some exercise on a daily basis. You might be surprised to learn that exercise is such an important part of this effort but what it does is to help balance our body and to make it healthy from the inside out. You can walk, run, bike or lift weights, it really doesn't matter. As long as you're getting exercise every day your body is going to be healthier as a result.

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Minature schnauzer bad odor, possibly yeast infection, with bacterial? also MAJOR training issues?

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My schnauzer is 4 years old. He has had multiple infections such as: yeast/bacterial infection in his ear, his ears are extremely red,inverted testicle ( where only one testicle drops) and to top it all of now his belly skin is extremely infected. I changed his diet to a prescription grade, he gets a daily vitamin, olive oil, and egg in his food. I have also been putting natural herbal remedies (high grade, not just from Walmart in his food.)anti-yeast, ant-fungals in his food daily. Recently I have noticed a tooth decaying problem, and he has some pretty bad breath...( he will NOT let me brush his teeth or get anywhere near his mouth.) We are in the process of getting his teeth professionally cleaned at the vets, but it is very expensive at least where I live. I have researched this extensively and I have found most schnauzer have bad skin. I bought him special shampoo's just for bacterial/yeast problems, and special creams and ointments. I am on my last resort... I do not understand why my dog has so many health problems. Does anyone know what I can do to help him out?
If someone suggests exercise, we are implementing that-very slowly I might add- he HATES to be walked and becomes extremely aggressive when he is on a leash aka bites it, cries, jumps, and tries to strangle himself... sigh. Yes, he is very hard to train.. extremely hyper... HELP! He also bites his lead outside. He has a very horrible jumping problem. Plus he is very, very food and toy aggressive. Anyone know of how to stop some or ALL of these behaviors. He does bite people, including my husband and me. I will not put my dog down. Any suggestions on these never-ending behavior issues?

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Thank you for all the insightful answers, he has been neutered for around 3 years now, due to the inverted testicle causing cancer. The food that we are currently giving him Royal Canin for Mini Schnauzers, you might of seen this food on in Pet Smart by the Vet station. We actually purchased the dog from a breeder, but I have a funny feeling that he may be more of a puppy mill dog due to all the issues. We did consider the amount of time it would take to train the dog, we spent about 8 months just getting him house broken, that was with consistency. I will check around the area for a qualified professional trainer, we were just hoping after all this time.. we could get it right. The yogurt is a great idea, and possibly the apple cider vinegar as long as my vet approves of it.
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That's a lot to tackle and the best way is to just start. Pick something and work on that and try not to get overwhelmed.

--Implement NILIF (google it) immediately
--Enroll in an obedience class
--Research using raw meaty bones for the teeth
--Consider adding yogurt to his diet for the yeast problems

ETA: Flush the ears daily, you can use a commercial product or a 50/50 of vinegar and water.
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  • The ear problems are an allergy...schnauzers are known to have allergy problems (I have a schnauzer mix with it). That would explain the ear problems.

    If the food you feed him has corn or other grains, it might have something to do with it as well.
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  • Um yea he is hyper right? well i also have a shnauzer and she is hyper sometimes just let him go out in the yard like for the whole day! yea cause mine gets tired after that. but she dont have skin problems. but then again the food can cause his problems. you should try to cook his meals. give him a mint treat i give my dog like two of them. if you have carpet that may cause the bad skin... try to take him bath like once every 2 weeks i know its a long time or when he starts to smell and dont let him run around a lot when wet thats how he starts picking up stuff from the floor with the wet...well um hope i help a little! :D


    having a dog! :D
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  • Oh dear. Well, first, if he currently has any infection, be it on his skin, ears, etc, he needs to go to the vet. He will most likely need antibiotics. If he has reoccuring ear infections, it certainly could be allergies, but i would suggest a culture of his ear to make sure he is being treated with the proper medications. Once the infection is gone in the ears you may have to use a special cleanser a couple times a week to keep the ears dry. Does the groomer pluck the hair out of his ears? That may help too. Shampoos and diet help with allergies, you need to discuss this with your vet as well. Food changes for allergies can take 6 weeks or longer to have an effect on skin, so keep with it, and for goodness sakes, stop adding all that crap to his food! If your vet recommends and is ok with it, fine, but if he is on a balanced diet, he doesn't need it.

    Next, with one testicle, he needs to be neutered...and the retained testicle needs to be removed from his abdomen. It WILL turn cancerous later in life..proven fact. Get it done, soon. This will also help with your training and behavioural issues.

    He obviously thinks he is boss. I would suggest some group or private lessons. He needs get him on a leash and i don't care how much he struggles, get going!! Don't give up. If he bites the leash or attempts to jump on you, purchase a basket muzzle. He has learned if he fights/bites/puts up a fuss, then he gets his way. No way i would ever tolerate that. You and your husband have to learn to be pack leaders. Make him work for his food, etc. He needs to be corrected when he is exhibiting inappropriate behaviour. A trainer can assist you with this. If he needs to wear a muzzle and a leash while in the house, so be it.

    Good luck, your situation sounds very frustrating, but keep up with it!


    vet tech
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  • You have many issues with your schnauzer. Yes Schnauzers are prone to skin problems. It can be flea allergy, if that is the case then you must remove the fleas from your dog, then remove the fleas from the envionment. Frontline or Advantage are the monthly flea protection that are most commonly used. He may have a yeast infection and a secondary staph infection. He may need oral antibiotics and an anti-fungal.

    Prescription grade (if we are talking Hills/Sciene diet) is not the best food. It can cause a lot of skin problems as well. You need a food that has no wheat gluten, Look for Dick Van Pattons Natural Balance. Or Canidae (that is our favorite and the dogs love it).

    More than likely he does have an ear infection. Probably Yeast and Pseudomonas. The only way to know what you are truly dealing with is to get the vet to scrape and/or perform a culture. Anyway a good alternative is to go to this site for a great remedy, it had worked for all of my dogs (6 of them are schnauzers) Follow the remedy to the LETTER. Wear gloves as gentian violet will dye your hands and since it will die anything it hits, I recommend you do it outside.

    Buy some plain yogurt (not vanilla) and give him a teaspoon twice a day. I would do this for his entire life. That will help abate the yeast and prevent it in the future.

    There are some products available on line than can desolve plaque on a dog or cat's teeth. One can be sprayed, but since your dog is a wee bit ornery they make one that you can put in his water. Schnauzers have a tendency to dental decay because of their beards, so if at all possible keep his beard short of dry his beard off after he drinks.

    Schnauzers are highly intelligent which makes them difficult to train because they are stubborn dogs by nature. He needs to know first and foremost that YOU are in charge, NEVER let him dictate to you. If you ask him to do something, don't give in, but make him give you what you want before you move on or go to another task and ONLY ask ONCE. If you tell him to sit, say it once and stand there until he sits, then praise him and give him a treat.

    Treats. Be sure they are suitable for his allergies and size. Sometimes just giving him a piece of his dog food works best.

    You must teach him sit. Absolutely imperative. When he is being food aggressive, toy aggressive use the sit command. I would look at your library for a dog training video or at the very least a book. You can find free ones on line as well. Basic commands will come a long way to help you help your dog. Sit, stay, leave it are great commands to start with.

    Get him accustomed to a leash by keeping him on one while you are with him. Then take it in baby steps, holding the leash lack, then pull it a little tighter until you can gently pull him towards you. A treat works wonderfully for this procedure.

    Don't allow your dog to sleep in your bed, never let him stand on you or jump up on the furniture UNLESS he is asked. Those are all behaviors that tell you he thinks he is boss. If he growls make him stop whatever it is he is doing. If he is on your lap, put him on the floor. Whatever he is doing when he growls or snarls stop the activity. The sit command will work with a jumping problem.

    You didn't say whether or not he is neutered. If not, get him neutered, this helps behavior immensely. It will also cut down on his desire to roam and it will reduce his chance to develop testicular cancer.

    You also didn't say where you got your dog. If he came from a pet store he is more than likely a puppy mill dog, If that is the case then a majority of his problems may be due to that. Back yard breeders are sometimes a source of dogs who have medical issues as they do not follow the proper recommendations for breeding of pure bred dogs.

    Please do not use your dog for stud purposes, that is just pertetuating the population of dogs who have issues whether medical or psychological.
    Check out the TV listings for Cesar Millan or Victoria Stillwell two great dog trainers who use different methods for training.

    Now before you start training him get him healthy, it sounds like he is in pain, This may stop a good deal of his bad behavior. It is awfully hard to concentrate when your ears and your belly are on fire.

    Hope this helps!!


    Schnauzer owner since 1978. Currently own 6 schnauzers and 6 other dogs, all rescues many of whom came to me with no fur, urine burns, starving and poorly behaved.
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  • Where did you originally get him?

    Anyway, if you can't brush his teeth, you can take him to the vet's office and they can brush his teeth like they would a cat's (under anesthesia). You need to get professional training asap, no matter how much the cost. You only got him four years ago, didn't you anticipate the training, and perhaps set aside a little money for professional training? Any terrier needs to be trained by someone with experience. Try changing his food to a high-quality allergy formula, like Blue Buffalo Wilderness, California Natural, or the Wellness allergy food I forgot the name of. Sometime just changing the food to an allergy-sensitive one clears up all the skin problems.
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  • For his skin problems I would suggest apple cider vinegar as a rinse & included in the water/food. Not sure which shampoo you have but it should chlorhexidine(antibacterial) &/or benzoyl peroxide which cleans & flushes out the hair shaft/skin. Then you would use the chlorhexidine to kill any bacterial, followed by a diluted vinegar rinse. Each shampoo needs a good 10min to sit on dog before rinsing thoroughly off.…

    For training, you will need to work with a good trainer/behaviorist. Though to all the poor quality breeding of mini schnauzers, they have many health & behavior problems. For that issue all you can do is in the future only buy a puppy from a reputable breeder that genetic tests.


    • 2 years ago
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