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Yeast Infection? Avoid Douching and Feminine Deodorants

Did you realize that almost 50% of us are walking around at any given time with yeast in our bodies? Although this seems like a shocking number, the simple fact of the matter is that there is nothing unnatural about this. What is unnatural is whenever that yeast grows to the extent where it becomes an infection and at that point, we begin to notice the negative effect that too many yeast spores in our body can have on us. Overcoming the yeast infection is not too difficult if you do it in a natural way but there are some things that you should avoid doing in order not to irritate the problem further.

There are a lot of different symptoms that may occur as a result of the vaginal yeast infection that we are experiencing. Itching, burning and an unpleasant odor are included in those symptoms. In order to combat the problem, we often want to get rid of the outward signs that we may be experiencing, such as unpleasant vaginal odor even before we are interested in getting rid of the itching and burning that it may be causing. There are a number of different products on the market which can help with this problem but some caution needs to be taken.

Feminine deodorants, although they do help to get rid of the odor to a certain extent are a product that we must absolutely avoid if we have yeast infections. The same is also true of any of the douches that are on the market. The reason why this is the case is because they contain chemicals that actually become an irritant whenever we have a yeast infection. Instead of helping ourselves to overcome the problem, they may actually be making it worse by making us more uncomfortable in the process.

Instead of using feminine deodorants or douching, you might want to consider using a little bit of garlic to overcome the problem. Inserting an all natural garlic tab into the vagina not only gives you almost immediate relief from the uncomfortable feelings that you may be experiencing, it also helps to reduce the odor in the area to a large extent. You might also want to try some all natural yogurt as it has much the same effect. It is just another way of using something that is available in nature to overcome the problem that we are experiencing.

Has anyone actually cured a yeast infection with a vinegar douche?

I have a very mild yeast infection. I am sure that is what it is - I am in my 30s and married. My husband and I were very "active" for a few days then by circumstances I did not take a shower - gross but true - for two days later. ..under stress, drinking a lot of coffee too.

I am trying to douche with a vinegar/water solution - how many times a day and how long should I give this before I give up and head to the dr? I am trying to avoid taking off from work, etc.


Ps - please don't judge or flame me - I am being honest. I help people without judging on here - if you can't do that then don't comment.

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    thats going to make matters worse and the vinegar will burn.
    try buying a package of monistat or miconzole at walmart or another store, that should clear it up.


    personal experience.
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    So many women think that douching is okay or will help when it's actually the opposite. I will not be the only one to tell you this, even a doctor will tell you this. DO NOT douche, please. It flushes out all of your good bacteria where it's unable to fight off the bad bacteria(yeast infection). Therefore it's pointless and just makes it worse. Call your doctor and have them call you in Diflucan.


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    as far as i know antibiotics is the only thing that will cure a yeast infection

    but ew, how could you not shower for two days and keep going at it alll......eeeeeewww

    that wasnt judging cos i didnt have 2 think about, i knew straight out thats not looking after yourself and its gross and wrong
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    Douching won't help with yeast infections, you need to ask your doctor or a pharmacist for an over the counter medication. If your being sexually active with your husband, he will be carrying the yeast infection on him also. Ask the doctor what should be done about that.
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    I cured one by cutting ALL sugar out of my diet and eating raw veggies and plain yogurt.

    It's all about restoring the alkaline/acidic levels in your body. When your body is more acidic virus and bacteria thrive.

    Google alkaline and acidic levels in the body and you should find a chart of foods based on weather they are acidifying or alkalizing.

    Apple Cider vinegar is I see how it could cure a yeast infection.

    But the general rule is that natural cures take longer to work...that's why so many opt for conventional methods.
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    If you have an infection already, a douche is a bad idea. The water pushes the infection further up the vaginal canal. This makes the situation worse and can cause other problems. You are much better off with an over the counter medication.
    • 3 years ago
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