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Sugar Causing Yeast to Grow

For those of us that have suffered from yeast infections before, it is all too familiar of a feeling. It typically begins as somewhat of a tingling and eventually the yeast grows to the point until it gets quite uncomfortable. Not only does it itch like crazy, it can also burn and in some cases, it can cause an odor that is very undesirable. There is something simple that you can do in order to overcome a yeast infection and if you do not currently have one, doing this simple thing may stop you from getting one in the first place. What I'm talking about is avoiding sugar.
The reason why it would be a good idea for you to avoid sugar is because that is what yeast tends to feed on. If you are eating sugar regularly, you're going to give the yeast the ability to thrive because it will always have a ready supply of food. That is the last thing that you would want to do but the opposite is also true. If you reduce the amount of sugar that you eat or perhaps even cut sugar out of your diet altogether, the yeast will have nothing to feed on and it will eventually die back into natural numbers.
What kind of sugar am I talking about? The simple fact of the matter is, there is sugar in almost every food that we eat. We need to sugar in order to survive but natural sugars are not necessarily what causes the yeast to thrive and grow. One of the main problems that we have is that our diets are full of refined sugar that comes in many different forms. You would be surprised with the amount of sugar that we consume on a daily basis, especially when it is hidden inside pre-packaged foods.
The best thing that you can do it if you're dealing with constant yeast infections is to change your diet so that it is more natural. Begin eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, particularly in their raw state. The sugar that you get from the fruits will help to keep you going but it will not typically be enough to feed the yeast infection and keep it thriving as well. Since you will be using up the sugar that is in the food for energy, the yeast will eventually die and go back to its normal state.

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Why does brown sugar cause a yeast air balloon to deflate balloon to deflate on the 2nd day of the experiment?

I am conducting an experiment on yeast air balloons where yeast is grown in different types of sugar and sugar substitutes. Here is my procedure:

Procedure: We had to carry out certain steps in order to conduct our experiment fairly.
1. Place 2 teaspoons of yeast in a conical flask, by filling a point to the point where the yeast is about the level with the top of the spoon.
2. Weigh 15g of sugar substitute and add it to the conical flask
3. Put in 150ml of 60°C of water into the conical flask
4. Cover the flask tightly with a balloon fitted over the mouth
5. Seal it with some paraffin tape
6. Observe

Okay, so my results came out (for 2 experiments) that brown sugar makes the air balloon deflate on the 2nd day. So can anyone PLEASE TELL ME WHY (with reasons) ASAP? I really need it. THANKS (:

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What substances other than brown sugar have you tried and what were the results? My guess is that brown sugar does not contain enough nutrients for the yeast to continue to grow.
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Using Garlic for Instant Yeast Infection Relief

One of the more uncomfortable things that we need to put up with from time to time are yeast infections. Typically, they start with a tingling sensation and whenever we feel that, we realize that we are in for something that is a lot more uncomfortable. Yeast infections tend to make us itch and they can burn quite a bit, especially if they happen in the vaginal area. Although there are a lot of ways for you to be able to cure your yeast infection naturally, something that is often overlooked by people is the use of garlic.

Garlic has been used for thousands of years because of its natural medicinal properties. Some people even make sure that they eat at least one clove of garlic every day in order to improve their health. Although this may improve your health in some way or another, it may also be keeping people away because garlic can be rather pungent whenever we eat it regularly. You might be surprised to learn that it is not always necessary for you to eat the garlic in order for it to be able to handle a yeast infection that you are experiencing.

One of the best ways for you to use garlic in order to treat a yeast infection naturally is too insert it directly into the area where the yeast exists. Typically, we are talking about a vaginal yeast infection in this case and although it may seem a little bit odd, putting a garlic tab into the vagina can actually provide you with almost immediate relief. Doing it regularly may be able to reverse the yeast infection and to get rid of it. Why? Because yeast hates garlic and it is unable to grow in an environment where garlic is present.

If you are going to do this, you want to make sure that you are using natural garlic tabs and not a commercial type of garlic that may actually be processed in some way or another. It would also not hurt for you to begin eating a little bit of garlic every day in order to promote good health and a balance in your body that will help to keep the yeast infection from recurring. Although there are a lot of different natural yeast infection cures that are available, this is one that certainly should not be overlooked.

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