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Treatment of Infection of yeast to the next level

Hello, I am very pleased that you made on my page! I am Christine bowers and I must tell you that I have fought once more difficult vaginal yeast infection. I was not happy with the results that I got when I used drugs prescription or medication.
Here I will help you recognize what you are suffering and help, you get an immediate remedy!
First, for most people that may not know how vaginal yeast infection occurs, its ok, I will explain. Our bodies were of good bacteria and the average of the bacteria. The friendly bacteria is known as Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus will keep the average check to do wrong or proliferate in the body bacteria. Medium-sized bacteria is called candida albicans. Candida albicans will be in most harm. But because the body change as menstruation, dieting, causes of menopause and hormones the Candida albicans react really means!
Once that friendly bacteria disappears due to the changes that our body passes by Candida albicans will then multiply quickly and it looks a hot and humid place to grow on. The vagina is the best place for candida deploy the. After a few hours, the bacterium causes infection known as a yeast infection.
I tried to get rid of my yeast infection as soon as possible. But, I have it bad. I used the worst drugs ever to "treatment of yeast infections". A drug that can be taken up by your local pharmacy, this is what I bought. It is the first thing I thought anyway. Everything went the wrong direction because just symptoms return right within the next day!
I finally got my hands on a cure that does wonders, and it is a 100% natural yeast infection cure. After I applied the cure, and after a few minutes, I felt instant relief of my symptoms! It really does wonders, even if your infection seems impossible to heal!
Learn how to treat a yeast for good infection. For those who seek a comprehensive program to help with their symptoms, we recommend that the link you see above.

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Has anyone else experienced a lot of liquid while taking yeast infection treatment?

I started the 3 day canesten tab last night and this morning when I awoke there was a bit of blood and a lot of liquid on my undies. Why did this happen? Is it normal? Is it possible you can go too far with the tab applicator? Can you use tampons while using treatment because it's as if I'm on my period now (this is probably due to missing too many birth control pills as it happened last month). Thanks.

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Yes it's normal to have a lot of discharge, NO do not use tampons while your doing the treatment then all your doing is holding the infection in and making it worse. Chances are the bleeding is due to your inconsistency with the birth control or your vaginal wall is irritated. If it keeps up you really should see your Dr. Good luck and feel better soon.


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  • Yes you will have discharge from the medication because when you insert the medication it has a semi solid consistency and once in the body it basically melts and that's how it spreads around inside to treat the infection. You could possibly be starting your period too, but NO do not use tampons until the yeast infection is gone. If you use a tampon you will be trapping the infection inside you and the tampon will absorb the medication. Use a maxi pad until the infection is completely gone.
    • 3 years ago
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