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Yeast Infection Test

A yeast infection test is the best way to confirm whether or not you have this disease. In fact, there are many types of these you can take but the first step is to first see a doctor.
Once you are in the clinic, the doctor will ask you some questions. These include what symptoms are you feeling, for how long have you experienced it and what medications are you currently taking. You have to be honest about everything especially if this has happened before. If this is the first time, then that is good if you have had previous history, then there is a good chance it will happen again.
But perhaps the most basic test will be for the doctor to take a sample and then wait for the results to come out. There are two kinds. The first is called the vaginal culture which is usually taken during a wet mount test. If you happen to have more than the usual amount of yeast down there then you have yeast infection. The doctor may also do a blood test because yeast infections are sometimes caused by diabetes or another health related problem.
Some doctors also conduct a pelvic examination because an inflammation of the skin of the vulva which is within the vagina and on the cervix. What the doctor is looking for here is if it is dry or if there are white plaques on the vaginal wall.
If the tests have confirmed that you have yeast infection, it is time for the doctor to figure out the type of treatment to be administered.
So what happens then? If this has happened for the first time, your doctor can prescribe something to make it go away after 7 days. If however this has happened again, you can try to use tablets, creams or suppositories depending on the recommendation of your physician.
Studies show that having a yeast infection makes you more susceptible to contracting HIV as vaginal irritation may allow the easier package of this fatal virus into the bloodstream. Although this does not happen often, women who experience it and are resistant to treatment should already be checked for other causes because the doctor has already ruled out the overuse of antibiotics which happens to be one of the causes of this disease.
Some people have used some items at home to get rid of yeast infections. Some examples of these include cranberry juice, vinegar, yogurt, curds, olive leaf and grape fruit extract, potassium sorbate, acidophilus as well as a water solution.
The entire time that you are being treated for yeast infection, make sure that you do not engage in any sexual contact because you could also infect your sexual partner with this problem. You can still spread the disease even if your partner is wearing a condom and you applied cream already because the oil based creams damage it as this is only made from latex.
The yeast infection test is the best way for doctors to tell if you have this problem or not even if you already show these symptoms. You might think that this is unnecessary and a waste of time but your doctors has to follow certain procedures so they will be able to recommend the right treatment for your condition.

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Can a yeast infection test tell if you're sexually active?

This is going to be awkward and gross but anyway, I described my symptoms to my mom (smelly pee, cloudy pee, slight itching and discharge from my genital area) and she thinks I may have a yeast infection. She also thinks I'm sexually active. I'm 17 (soon to be 18) and I have had sex with my boyfriend (no I do not need a lecture about how I should've waited until marriage because a: I'm going to marry this guy and b: you aren't my parent). I was on my period when the symptoms first started, but they're still continuing. I've never told my mom about my boyfriend and I. I've never taken a yeast infection test before and I'm concerned they'll be able to tell if I've had sex or not. I've been under an enormous amount of stress lately with family problems and school and on top of my period it made me really sick. I read somewhere that hormones, stress and periods can lead to a yeast infection. I feel like if it was because of my boyfriend, it would've happened months ago. What kind of test do they do for yeast infection and can it tell if I'm a virgin or not? Thank you.

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They won't be able to tell if you are a virgin or not. You can get yeast infections when you're a virgin (my friend had one in high school and she was a virgin). If the doctor actually looks in your vagina, your hymen will be gone but that doesn't necessarily mean that it broke from sex, sometimes the hymen breaks from tampons, riding a bike, ect. So no, they won't be able to tell if you've had sex.
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  • No test can tell if you are a virgin or not. Yeast infections and even STDs can have causes completely unrelated to sex.
    • 3 months ago
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