Friday, July 6, 2012

Yeast Infection No More Complete Product Review

Linda Allen is the author of the bestselling yeast cures book called Yeast Infection No More. This book is so effective it is available in over 127 countries. When we got to reviewing this book, we got bombarded with an ocean of information. With thousands of people who used, applied and benefited from this book, it was difficult to say the least to put it all down into a single review. The one thing they all had in common though, was that they now lead happy healthy yeast free lives. Linda is a certified nutritionist, consultant and acclaim winning author. When she decided to get down to writing this book, she faced two major problems; the first was that the market was saturated with other books on how to treat a yeast infection and the second was that her methodology was very different from that of what people were normally talking about.
It was the second factor that really made the difference. We have seen and tested other anti-fungal treatment methods and sadly they all aim at short term cures. Some only really work on the symptoms and suppress the infection for the duration of the drugs course. The rate of recurrence is phenomenally high.
So what set Yeas Infection No More from all these other drugs? Well it’s all in the method. Linda doesn’t tell you which drugs to take or what anti-fungal drug therapy does what, she teaches you how to use your body against the infection and give it the capability to fight not just the current infection but any possible future infection. Having gone through the book, we found how the book from the very first section begins a very detailed synopsis of the method you will use to not just fight the infection and symptoms short term, but on a more permanent basis. It will give you an idea how to focus your energies not on treating your symptoms but the causes of the infection all the while focusing on long term relief, not short term.
The overall impression we got from the book was that is focused at a holistic approach to a great health and a permanent cure to candida. The book is very easy to use, with sections and step by step instructions that make your journey to a yeast free life not just possible, but pragmatically possible. With the infection affecting more than one part of the human body, the book makes the complicated process of treating multiple or single yeast infections very systematic and manageable for anyone. What we loved about the book was that it left absolutely no stone unturned. The level of detail on each issue is absolutely brilliant.
The book is a 150 page miracle guide that was written after some 7 years of extensive research. The basic process is a five step course. Yeast infection no more is based on a 100% natural system and does not permit the use or even the consideration of the use of prescription drugs that have so many side effects that you end up with a bigger problem than a yeast infection. Linda used checklists and charts that are extremely easy to use and formulate into your daily life without having to change how you live.
The issue with a yeast infection is that it isn’t just the infection that is a pain in the neck; it’s the symptoms it brings to situation. Candida attacks without any differentiation of gender or age. With the infected suffering from itchiness, swelling, burning pain, rash, unusual weight gain, redness, menstrual pain, pain during urination, acne, insomnia, allergies, sugar cravings, depression, even distorted vision and unbearable discharges. Compared to Yeast Infection No More, the market offers antibiotics and of course Monistat which work temporarily but stop being affective once the course is complete and the usage stops.
What you get is the book and bonus material. However it is important to note that while there is bonus material, we found that the book itself was all you would need and the bonus was really an added plus. The pros of this book include the fact that is safe, natural and systematic. Easy to use and incorporate into your life, Yeast Infection No More does not allow the possibility of any side effect. Furthermore it doesn’t matter if you have or have had a yeast infection. This book will help you get healthier not just when you have an infection but even when you don’t. It changes how your body fights infection for the better. You don’t have to be a specific age or gender to use it because of its universality, the very reason it is bought in over 127 countries.
The only drawback we could come up with was that it’s a process. If you’re looking for an overnight cure then this isn’t the book for you. Then again, if you’re looking for an overnight cure, nothing is for you since nothing can cure a candida overnight. It’s a bit lengthy, but then again it is made to be used over a course of time and if you follow it the way it is meant to be, the length of the book will coincide with the cure time period making your recovery systematic and safe. We saw the price of the book originally at $49.97 but we picked up from a few happy users that it can be found for $39.97 as part of an ongoing promotion.
A word of advice for those intending on using this amazing book, if you start the plan in the book, make sure you stick to it. The success rate of the people who follow the step by step process is absolute. Bad eating habits and hygiene along with a poor diet will prevent you from gaining much from this book. You need determination and self-control if you’re going to get healthy long from Linda’s “Candida Free Diet”. Another factor is that the book will be making use of herbal remedies and natural cures which take their time. As a result you will have to adhere to the guide for a few days to get the relief you seek, knowing however that this is a long term cure.
When we read a comment from a user about counselling, we got to investigating. And lo and behold we found that Linda just doesn’t stop to surprise us; there is free online counseling and support from certified nutritionists! This online support can be the difference you so badly needed.
So the bottom line is that if you’re looking for a natural, safe side effect free treatment for your yeast problem, look no further, Yeast Infection No More is the book for you. You might find the level of detail a little overwhelming at first but as you progress you’ll find that each and every detail is essential. The book is cheap compared to other medications and definitely cheaper than a trip to the hospital.

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