Friday, September 21, 2012

Infant Yeast Infection – Is It Really Possible?

An infant yeast infection is not only possible, it is much more common than you might think  Candida if you recall, is simply an overgrowth of bacteria that occurs naturally already in our bodies.  That means that given the right conditions, it can multiply in anyone, whether you are an adult or child, male or female. 

In many cases infant yeast infection is mistaken for a diaper rash.  Unfortunately it tends to be a diaper rash that you just can’t get rid of.  Diaper rash cream can provide temporary relief of any itching or burning, but it will not cure the cause.

Babies being breastfed by mom’s on antibiotics, or who are being given antibiotics themselves, are at a higher risk of infant yeast infection.  Couple that with diapers that are warm and moist, this creates perfect conditions for a yeast infection.


Other possible triggers are not keeping the diaper area clean enough.  With the wet conditions, and then not keeping the area clean, bacteria can thrive.  An infant yeast infection can also manifest itself in a condition called thrush, which can then travel down to the diaper area.  Thrush is simply a yeast infection inside the mouth, and can commonly be mistaken for milk.  However, if you rub it, it can bleed and become raw, and that is definitely not milk!

While there are many natural options you can try to treat an infant yeast infection with, it is in your babies best interest to see your pediatrician for a proper course of action.  In most cases, an anti fungal cream, and pointed care to keep your baby clean and dry will clear up the infant yeast infection within a few days.

Some holistic doctors recommend using a diaper rash ointment with tea tree oil to help clear up a yeast infection, which you are welcome to try.  But you want to get the infant yeast infection cleared up as quickly as possible, as it can spin out of control and become a systemic infection very fast in small babies, which would be the last thing you want to happen!

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