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What Causes Yeast Infections – Acid/Alkaline Balance

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In establishing what causes yeast infections, we’ve discussed that one common yet seldom diagnosed condition is acidosis, or an imbalance of our body’s natural pH.
Medical professionals and researchers are finding out that we have a better chance at maintaining long-term health if we pay attention to our body’s pH levels.  Ultimate pH should be neutral or slightly alkaline.  Unfortunately, most of the Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of process and fast foods which are highly acidic in nature.  When we lean toward the acidic side of things, our potential for developing serious problems, in addition to yeast infections or Candida  overgrowths, increases substantially.  These health problems include heart disease, kidney disease and osteoporosis, just to name a few.
A healthy and balanced diet should consist of 20% acid-forming foods and 80% alkaline-forming foods.
The good news is, pH levels are easily monitored with pH strips that can be found on-line or at most health food stores.
The bad news is, most of us need to drastically change our diets from SAD to glad…if you know what I mean.
The answer, according to scientists and researchers who have studied chronic acidosis, is a diet that includes more alkaline foods and less acidic foods.
And just what kind of diet is that, you ask?  It’s a diet that’s high in veggies and fruits.  Surprised?  Probably not…but I do want to share some of the research regarding the physical repercussions of an overly acidic diet.
This is where the “rubber meets the road” in terms of realizing how important a healthy pH balanced diet really is.  When we eat too many acidic foods our body’s pH is lowered and thrown out of balance.  Our kidneys then take over efforts to compensate for the excess acidity.  Our bones start excreting calcium and magnesium to restore proper alkalinity, and our muscles start breaking down to release ammonia, which is highly alkaline.   At the end of this process, the calcium released by your bones and the broken down muscle are all flushed out in your urine.
Your bones and muscles are literally being flushed down the toilet–not a good thing.
In my opinion, this is why so many of us suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis and other joint, muscle and bone deterioration.   These problems are only made worse as we age, which only increases bone and muscle deterioration.
What’s the answer–a healthy balanced diet.  In fact, this is the answer to most all of our health problems, including yeast infections.  Period.
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Pro-biotics and an alkaline diet?

I'm pregnant with a yeast, bladder and kidney infection. So my urine analysis has come back from the lab showing that my system is too acidic, to which my midwife attributes all my infections. So she has put me on an alkaline diet to balance my body's ph. For my yeast infection she has me on pro-biotics (acidophilus) which I just read about how they make an acidic environment in your digestive system. So aren't I defeating the pro-biotics with trying to eat only alkaline foods if it needs to make an acidic environment? It doesn't make sense. Is there anyone out there that knows more about this than me? I'm starving because I can't eat my favorite breads and meats. I can't seem to eat enough veggies and fruit to get full.

I am on Bio-K (heavy duty acidophilus), cranberry pills, digestive enzymes, some homeopathic stuff for bladder infections and grapefruit seed extract and of course my regular prenatal vities and extra V-C.

Can anyone help?
Please don't say, "Just ask your doctor"

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I don't know about the probiotics and needing an acidic environment - but I would assume unless you've been on an alkaline diet for many many years you won't have much in the way of "good bacteria" and the probiotics will be very beneficial to preventing future infections. I know, because I am VERY prone to exactly what you are going through, especially when I am pregnant - it's miserable!! Here are some good recipies for alkalinity. Do you have a good blender, or can obtain one (such as a Vita Mix)? That will help all those dark leafy greens and other veggies and fruits go down a LOT easier, and you will feel fuller... the worst is when you're pregnant and trying to eat healthy, because I don't know about you but having anything in my mouth too long was nauseating - I just wanted something I could swallow down quick and be done with it, and make me full!

Try blending (and I know it sounds nasty, but it's not):
3-7 leaves of kale - very alkalizing and high in calcium.
25 strawberries (best deal is the frozen bag at Wal-Mart - $5.97).
2 bananas
1-2c water.
Optional - avocado! This is creamy and makes it taste like yogurt!!

"Mixed Berry" (12-16 oz. bag - again at Wal-Mart)
1 banana
1/2c water
Can add greens to that too, but it's soooo delish plain

Honeydew Melon - delicious and alkalizing - blend it and it makes a creamy delicious drink.

Quinoa (an alkalizing grain)
Cut up one tomato
Cut up half a cucumber
Can add vinegar and oil ... not sure if that defeats the alkaline purpose, but it's also good without the dressing.

Check out www.living-foods.com in the Bulletin Boards under the recipies and juicing/blending forums for TONS of great recipies and ideas. The website is devoted to the vegan raw food diet, and those foods are alkaline. People there also offer great emotional support.

Good luck sweetie!!


Oh - and in response to the person who said the alkaline diet is hogwash - that is NOT true. I have tested it, and it really does make your pH more normal and you feel AMAZING. Take it from someone who used to barely be able to function because of uncontrolled diabetes and other constant health problems. It works.
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