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Natural Cures for Yeast Infections – Part Three Boric Acid Suppositories

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Boric acid suppositories have proven to be one of the most effective natural cures for yeast infections.   Though highly controversial, they are even recommended by some doctors but must be used cautiously and with an awareness of the toxicity that is possible if used incorrectly.
DO NOT take boric acid capsules by mouth—it is highly toxic when taken orally.
DO NOT use this yeast infection remedy if you are or may be pregnant.
DO NOT leave the boric acid powder or suppositories within reach of children or pets.
Directions for Application
Research indicates that approximately 600mg of boric acid powder may be put in gelatin capsules (size 00) and inserted vaginally once per day for 10-14 days, as needed and depending on the severity of your yeast infection.
The empty capsules and boric acid powder can be purchased at most pharmacies or you can also find them on-line.
You may insert the capsule/suppository using your finger or possibly an anti-thrush treatment applicator.  Be sure to insert the suppository as far up into the vagina as possible.  Bed time is the best time to use this method and you will want to wear a panty liner as there may be some vaginal leaking.
What To Expect
You may feel some burning when using boric acid suppositories—this is normal.  The suppositories should not be used on broken skin or the inflamed and irritated outer vaginal tissue that often accompanies yeast infections.
It is a good idea to apply Vitamin E oil on the outer vaginal tissue for protection prior to inserting the suppositories.  This will effectively protect against irritation should there be any vaginal leaking.
If you would rather avoid the hassle of “do-it-yourself” boric acid suppositories, you can also ask your doctor for a prescription for the suppositories.  It will be more costly, but may be worth it if you prefer a doctor’s supervision.
Boric Acid and Diabetics
Boric acid has also proven to be a very effective treatment in those individuals with diabetes.  Yeast infections experienced by diabetics are usually caused by the Candida glabrata and the Candida tropicalis yeast species.  Unfortunately, conventional yeast infection medicine has not proven very effective in eliminating these two resistant strains of yeast.
Studies were also done on diabetics with vulvovaginal candidiasis (otherwise known as vaginal thrush or a yeast infection).  The two test groups were administered a single 150mg dose of Fluconazole (also known as Diflucan) or vaginal boric acid suppositories (600mg once per day for 14 days).
Those who were given the suppositories experienced better results than those who were given the Fluconazole.
Some experts have concluded that the toxic potential of boric acid outweighs any therapeutic value it may provide.
Though boric acid suppositories have been hailed as one of the most effective natural cures for yeast infections, it must be stressed that it is a toxic substance if taken orally or applied to broken skin.
Though historically effective on yeast infections, boric acid must be used responsibly and with caution.
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What are some natural cures for yeast infections?

What are some home remedies for curing yeast infections?
What are some natural cures that actually work to get rid of yeast infections?

I have tried the over the counter treaments and this 7 day doctor prescribed treatment and yet I still have a yeast infection.
I have been ill with a yeast infection since March.Nothing is working!

What are some natural cures for yeast infections?

How can I get rid of this yeast infection once and for all.The over the counter treaments and the doctor prescribed treatment isn't working.I have been sick since March.And i was tested for diabetes and the test came back negative.Thank God.

What are some home remedies that will get rid of this yeast infection once and for all?
I want this infection to go away.

I'm getting really frustrated because I have had this infection since March!

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The doctor tried Diflucan on me and it still didn't work.Still sick with yeast infection since March.Its crazy and frustrating!
3 years ago

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Check out: I've heard apple cider vinegar is good at getting rid of yeast infections. I use it to clean out my dog's ears (his breed is prone to yeast/bacteria infections in the ears) and it works great! :)
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  • Possibly it's something more than a yeast infection? You should return to the doctor. But I read on a few websites you can eat lots of yogurt, and also you can rub PLAIN yogurt around your vagina and it's supposed to help. I know it's weird, but I read it on several websites.
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  • I know its not a "home" remedy but have you asked your doctor about Diflucan? Its a one time pill that clears up yeast infections within 24 hours. With my insurance its 1o dollars, but the retail price is only 16 dollars. Hope this helps.


    Used this product.
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  • There are a few different ones, I am not gonna copy/paste them all here as it would be a very long post then and no one likes a huge post bomb, but here is the link and they also have some valuable tips on what to avoid while you have a yeast infection.…
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  • 1. Yogurt
    2. Garlic
    3. Apple cider vinegar
    4. Oregano oil

    check this out...

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  • Yogurt. Ask your pharmacist for applicators. If your sexually active use a condom. Some men carry whatever it is that promotes yeast infections.
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  • Water, Crannberrie juice, and take baths with baking soda.
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  • vinegar with warm water (may sure you mix it, if not it will burn like hell) hope you feel better soon
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  • Not sure about cures other than what the docs can give, but say for some reason there were no docs for a while, what now..?

    Flushing with water. Vinegar. I don't know if I would want to try but I have heard Coke too as a douche.

    Eating some foods can help from getting infections. Apple juice.. Yogurt especially.. Don't know how good they are at stopping an infection tho.

    But if you have had this going on since March, babe, you gotta go to the doc and have it taken care of NOW..! That is way too long to let ANYTHING fester down there...

    You may be re-contaminating your self too. Don't stick anything up in there but the meds if suppository kind. No fingers, toys or boyfriends for a few weeks.. NOTHING..! Wash your hands good and keep HIS away. His thingie too till your good n healed.

    Make sure you wash all undies, thongs or any thing that comes in contact with the bare skin there with soap, water n bleach, bedding too for it sounds like re-contamination is going on.

    Bob - Tucson
    • 3 years ago