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Using Yogurt As a Topical Yeast Infection Treatment

When most of us think about yeast, we think about the process of creating bread or maybe even beer. The fact the matter is, yeast is present in the world around us and it is also present in our body at all times. It is thought that, in a healthy individual, about 50% of the time they are carrying some yeast spores with them. For the most part, the yeast is kept in check by healthy bacteria that exist in the body. Whenever the body gets out of balance, however, the yeast becomes an unfriendly invader and it grows to the point where infection occurs.
One of the main problems with people having yeast infections is the fact that they try to cure them with a pharmaceutical cream. At one time, you needed a prescription in order to use these creams but now, they are available over the counter at the local drugstore. These pharmaceutical cures do not cure you at all, they simply reduce the amount of yeast that is in your body to acceptable levels. What they leave behind, however, is a stronger strain of yeast spores that eventually grow into another infection which is more difficult to remove.
If you have a problem with recurring yeast infections because of this scenario, you should try using a natural food in order to cure the problem. Believe it or not, yogurt is able to cure the problem and it is not always necessary for you to eat it in order for you to receive the benefits. As a matter of fact, it is better for you to apply the yogurt directly to the area which contains a yeast infection if it is currently active.
Make sure that you are using an all-natural yogurt, not one that is full of preservatives and sugar. If possible, grow your own cultures as this will provide you with the most benefit. In the case of the vaginal yeast infection, you can spread a little bit of the yogurt on the area but it may also be beneficial if you dip a tampon directly into the yogurt and insert it for about 20 minutes. Be careful not to leave the yogurt on for too long or it may actually become an irritant. This will provide you with almost immediate relief and will bring your body back into a balance where it can naturally fight the yeast that has invaded it.

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Will it damage a dog's ear to put drops of tea tree oil in it?

her ear makes noise when she shakes her head, like a wet slappy fluid noise. I had an experience with another dog that had an ear infection and none of the antibiotics from the vet cleared it up, the vet didn't help at all. I am going to try home remedies on this one before i go and spend all my cash on the vet. She is a longhaired dog, bordercollie, and i have clipped the hair around the ear and trimmed inside it so it can breathe and stay dry. There was brown chunks in the hair and there is a gunk coming from the inside. I don't know what is wrong with it. I was reading about earwashes that contain tea tree oil. How do i administer the tea tree oil? Drops full strength straight down the ear, or do i have to dilute it? It works as a topical bacteria killer right? ....I am also feeding her yogurt incase it is yeast.

shes old and has a heartworm infestation so severe, treating the heartworms will kill her. She will die soon anyways. She is not in pain because she isn't pawing at her ear, and as long as i don't cause her pain it doesn't matter if i take her to the vet or not, so no lecture about going to the vet.

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The tea tree oil will not harm. (you can even gargle with it) it is an antibacterial. & fungicide.
But it will not get rid of the dark wax that is usually caused by ear mites. Use mineral oil once a day for 7 days, then miss 5 days and then repeat for 5 days. It is heavy and will go down into the lower ear canal. The dog will shake and loosen up the junk . Clean the wax off the ear with a warm damp cloth. The ear mites cause the ear to produce the dark wax which is defense mechanism. I have had std poodles with the same problem and it worked for them.
Info on Tea Tree oil.
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She seems to like the tea tree oil on the red inflamed parts you can see... but if it gets down in the canal she goes nuts like it bothers her. maybe her eardrum has gotten a hole. she has puss and dark wax (im starting to think is rly blood). I am treating for infection then mites if necessary.

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  • Tea tree oil is toxic but not as toxic as the heart worms. It is more toxic in cats because they have more of a tendency to groom themselves. So I guess that the decision is yours.


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  • Ask your doctor, dont experiment with different chemicals on a dog, it could just make things worse.
    • 2 years ago
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