Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yeast Infection in Women – Getting Rid Of Them The Easy Way

Oh boy-aren’t we ladies lucky! Not only is yeast infection in girls commoner than in men but we also get to enjoy them in all types of uncomfortable spots! We get them all; vaginal, skin and even breast yeast infections! Thankfully there are things we will be able to do to help stop them.
Most people associate yeast infection in girls with vaginal yeast infections, but it seems that women commonly get them on other body parts as well,eg on the nipples and under the knockers as well as other body parts. The main trigger of yeast infections is giving the yeast that is already present in our bodies an ideal environment to grow in ; any place moist and warm. So think about your body and all of the spots that tend to keep the most moisture and heat; the lovelies, the underarms and for some even under the funbags.
This is as easy as cleaning the area frequently and making sure you keep it dry even if it suggests patting it with a towel or napkin several times each day.
One of the other common spots for yeast infection in girls is the nipples, though this is generally when a lady is nursing.
The baby then passes it onto the mother while nursing and the fact that the nipples ‘leak’ constantly and spend a large amount of time inside the baby’s mouths just gives the yeast that ideal moist and warm environment we are talking about. There’s not much you can do about this except keep it as clean and dry as possible and ride it out. The things we do for our babies.
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