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Get rid of quick Yeast Infections with home remedies

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You should learn how to get rid of yeast infections quickly so that you will be able to prevent the disease from getting worse. A yeast infection is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. This fungus occurs naturally in the human body, but some factors can cause an overgrowth of candida albicans that leads to a yeast infection. This disease won't go away on its own and will get worse if you don't do something on this subject. Try these tips to get rid of your illness as soon as possible.
Most people use medications to treat this disease because they are generally more effective than other methods of treatment. Over-the-counter antifungal drugs that are applied topically on the affected area can help get rid of the infection quickly. There are also has issued only on prescription drugs that can help get rid of the disease quickly in a single dose. See your doctor and your disease examined so that the best medication for your condition can be recommended.
Get rid of quick Yeast Infections with home remedies
There are also a few homemade solutions you can do at home that can help reduce the symptoms of the infection. One of the most common solutions is hot water and vinegar. White vinegar has natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can help get rid of the disease quickly. Mix approximately 1 litre of warm water with a teaspoon of vinegar and then use the solution as a douche to kill the fungus candida and restoring the balance in the affected area.
Another popular home solution is the hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Mix the two plugs of hydrogen peroxide with 1 litre of water warm and then use the solution as a shower to deal with yeast infections. If you do not like DOUCHING, you can also treat your disease by soaking in hot water that contains two capfuls of oxygenated water. You do not need to keep vaginal DOUCHING once the disease is cleared up, because your vagina is self-cleaning.



There are also some natural remedies that you can try at home that can help treat the yeast. One of the most popular natural remedies for a yeast infection is the yogurt. The good bacteria found in some brands of yogurt can help kill the fungus that causes the disease. To use yogurt as a cure at home, get a tamponand soaked in yogurt. Insert the pad into the vagina and make sure to replace two or three times a day.
Another popular home remedy is to bathe in a solution of warm water and lemon juice. Lemon juice helps to restore the acid levels of your vagina and allow to get rid quickly of the yeast. Add approximately two teaspoons of lemon juice to a tub filled with warm water. Soak in the solution for 15 minutes approximately.
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Have a yeast infection - any quick home remedies out there?

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No, there aren't any quick remedies out there. If you do have a yeast infection make sure you contact your doctor immidately. If you don't go to the doctor soon, then the yeast infection could get worse and would be "extremely" painful. So, do whatever you can do when you see the first symptoms of the yeast infection.

Also, I would reccomend taking the prescription pill called Fluconazole 150 MG (Generic name for Diflucan 150 MG Tablet). Fluconazole is a treatment for vaginal yeast infections. Just one oral tablet provides a full course therapy sufficent to cure most vaginal yeast infections.... it's that easy.

But be patient, clearing a yeast infection does take time. Although fluconazole is taken only once, it remains in your body for several days.

Hang in there! I hope you feel better soon!


I am currently a Pre-Med student University of Minnesota. My dad is a Dr.
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  • No.
    Depends upon the sort of yeast infection and where it is located.
    You need medication such as Terbinafine from your Doctor. Again this could last months as it depends on the severity of the infection.

    Some over the counter remedies for stuff like Thrush can help a little. Speak to the Pharmacist immediately!

    A pro-biotic supplement will help internally as your system adjusts and gets well, while you're on the medication.

    Organic/live yoghurt is said to assist when applied topically to the site but again you're playing with knives.

    Yeast infections are common and indicate a burned out immune system. Cut back on sugars all and every kind immediately. Avoid as many carbs as you can - yeast rising breads, soy sauce etc regular bread and fortified milks.


    My Dr.

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