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Candida Products History

What Works against Candida, What Doesn’t, and What Never Will.

It’s serious business, this Candida. It’s immensely frustrating to try to find a doctor to help you because there are few who have the knowledge. Fungal yeast overgrowth in the human body is not taught in medical schools. So despite the fact that autopsies have found kidneys and other organs literally clogged with yeast cells most doctors have not had any training in fungal yeast overgrowth and often disavow that it even exists.
To top it off, there are so many product offerings to “cure candida” that it can boggle your mind.
Those who have studied Candida and fought it for years know that Candida is extremely hard to control, let alone “cure”. Colon cleansings or antifungals sound logical but in real life are ineffective against the Candida entrenched in the bowels and throughout the organs of the human body. Others make the ludicrous promise that you’ll be cured in hours or days.
One thing you can know for sure, when it comes to Candida products, if a claim sounds ridiculous it is ridiculous.
The more you know about Candida (candida albicans, candidas, candidia) the better chance you have of making the right choice for you! This site has been created to provide a well rounded knowledge of Candida. Click around, the Candida Support site offers knowledge from many perspectives. This page is one. And just below are quick insights into the 3 most effective systems used in the treatment of Candida.
but first…

A Short History of Candida overgrowth

Though modern doctors know little, it was a couple doctors who first discovered that fungal yeast can overgrow in the body and cause all kinds of toxic symptoms.
1953 Dr. Orian Truss, 1986 -Dr. William Crook
In 1953 Dr Orian Truss discovered the devastating effects of antibiotics in an Alabama (USA) hospital. He began exploring ways of treating what he called “antibiotic syndrome” (interesting name, hey?). In the 80′s, the idea of Candida overgrowth went public with the publishing of “The Yeast Connection” by Dr. William Crook and “The Missing Diagnosis” by Dr. Truss. Their books detailed how our natural and even beneficial Candida yeast begins to change into something new and very different and warned us how certain, modern conditions promote this transformation from good yeast to bad. Dr. Crook showed a way to fight this condition and limit it’s symptoms by “starving” the yeast with a special and severe method of eating called theCandida diet. For people affected by Candida, going on the Candida diet was like being given a new life: yeast infections went away, energy returned, thought processes became clear again. It was a miracle. Life became normal again.
Until those faithful “dieters” had . . . a cookie! Or a piece of bread. A glass of wine. Well, just about anything . . .
As amazing as the Candida diet was it had a huge vulnerability. If you ateanything at all that fed the yeast in your body you found all your symptoms returning and you were at square one again -starting all over.
There are many ways to fail in the fight with Candida overgrowth. The impossible Candida diet is one of them.
Despite the new revelations learned about how to conquer Candida there are still people today that will sell you e-books or counseling to go on this all-but-impossible diet to eliminate your Candida.

Skip Ahead -the 90′s

herbcompapothecary.jpgA decade later, many antifungal remedies, both synthetic and herbal had been introduced to help battle this condition. These arrived in the form of both pharmaceutical drugs like Nystatin, Diflucan and mitroconazole and the natural antifungals like garlic, caprylic acid, pau d’arco, oregano oil, coconut oil, olive leaf and colloidal silver to name just a few.
The only problem is that the tricky fungus is able to “morph” or evolve to resist each and every antifungal, making them less and less effective over time. A person ended up where she/he started and the fight against Candida went on. These products were always recommended to be combined with the Candida diet.

The year 2002

An American company called Global Health Trax (GHT) brings the first effective Candida treatment to the U.S. shores with a revolutionary new product from Japan called Threelac.


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How to kill candida without money?

I have little money and I can not afford to buy
products to kill the candida and extract
grapefruit, coconut, undecelenic acid, etc. Can you kill
candida without these products? Because diet alone is not
can. Talking to a person. He said the
Candida can be reproduced several times. It is difficult
attack. I have been taking antibiotics.

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Get to an emergency room or a doctor. You need an antifungal not an antibiotic. - may be of help. Manufacturer's provide free medicine to those who qualify.
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