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Spice up your love life with vibrating tongue rings

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February 16, 2005By: Bob WhiteheadThere’s no denying that that when you get a tongue ring, you’re not the only one who enjoys it. Kissing and other romantic endeavors are sure to feel different with a barbell in your mouth. If you and your partner enjoy the benefits your tongue piercing brings, why not try vibrating tongue rings? It's a fun, sexy addition to your body jewelry collection.Several components comprise a vibrating tongue ring.

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Eating Yogurt to Get Rid of Your Yeast Infection

Although many of us would consider yeast could be the enemy, especially those of us that have suffered from yeast infections, it is not really true. Yeast is present in the world around us and it is thought that almost everyone has yeast present in the body, at least to a small degree. It is only whenever our body is allowed to get out of balance that the yeast grows to the point where it actually becomes an infection. This can cause a lot of uncomfortable problems for us and unfortunately, it may also become chronic rather easily.

The reason why chronic yeast infections are so prevalent is because many of us are treating them in the wrong way. It is an easy thing for us to run out to the drug store as soon as we recognize that we have a yeast infection and buy some over-the-counter cure. Unfortunately, this does not actually cure the problem that is causing the yeast infection but it only knocks the yeast down to numbers that are comfortable for us to have in our body. What it leaves behind, however, is the real problem with recurring yeast infections. Only the stronger yeast is allowed to remain so whenever it grows into another infection, it is much stronger than before. Eventually, it becomes an infection that is unable to be cured by over-the-counter medication.

If you are dealing with a yeast infection for the first time or even if you have chronic yeast infection, a natural cure is really the only way for you to truly get rid of it once and for all. The reason why this is the case is because natural treatments will attack the problem of the yeast infection, not the symptoms. One of the best ways for you to be able to treat a yeast infection naturally is by using yogurt.

The type of yogurt that you use to treat your yeast infection is important. Don't simply choose something from off of the grocery store shelf, it often contains preservatives and sugar which actually feed the yeast infection that you are suffering from. Choose an organic, natural yogurt and eat it every day. If you are currently suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, dip a tampon in the yogurt and insert it. It will help you to bring the body back into the balance that it needs and promote the growth of good bacteria that will keep the yeast in check.

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Do you put cold yogurt on your vagina to relieve a yeast infection?

ok so i just read this question about a yeast infection and someone told them to put cold yogurt on the area to help the itching! wouldnt putting food in that area make the infection worse plus i thought your were supposed to eat the yogurt to make it batter is the correct or just stupid like i figured

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omg i didnt ask it for me i just saw someone say it ready the whole question losers!
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My doctor has actually suggested this to me. She told me to try using PLAIN yogurt. The natural bacteria in it helps get rid of the overgrowth of yeast. And I don't believe that you will get maggots inside of you if you put yogurt there. You need flys to get maggots. So unless you're letting flys get access to down there I don't think you have anything to worry about. I understand this isn't for you, only a question from reading another post but, if you ever get one and if you have health insurance. Go to your doctor and ask about Diflucan. It's only 4 dollars at walmart pharmacy! Much easier and cheaper than the OTC treatments.
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  • Yogurt has live cultures than can kill the bacteria causing the itch.
    There is a much more efficient way to take care of that though. Get some Monistat that has a little tube of anti-itch cream with it.
    The Monistat will have the yeast infection gone in no time, and the cream really relieves the itch.
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  • far as i kno it does not make yeast infection a matter affect it makes it worse......never ever try putting food on ur yeast infection...never
    just use medicine or see a doctor......DOCTORS are doctors for a reason u kno.
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  • that's kind of an old remedy. it's suppose to neutralize the ph of the vag. but it has to be plain yogurt with live cultures to be beneficial... not like the strawberrry yoplait or anything haha. so i guess you could try it, or you could just take a lactobacillus and use an otc cream.
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  • try a cream. Ingest the yogut. Welcome to 2008
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  • lol um now a days we have creams for those kind of things. Maybe they used yogurth in the 1920s or something but it's 2008 now hun get with the program. You should have that checked btw.
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  • don't ever ever ever ever EVER put any type of food down there. it can get up inside you and rot and cause maggots. they have meds at the drug store for yeast infections.
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  • Yes, you're supposed to eat the yogurt. I wouldn't put yogurt there because the yogurt likely has a lot of sugar in it, and that feeds the yeast. Instead, go to a pharmacy and get Monistat to treat the yeast infection. Nowadays, they have, in addition to the suppositories, a bit of extra cream to spread around your vulva to relieve itching by killing the yeast.
    • 4 years ago
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