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YEAST INFECTION NO MORE; Review - Scam E-book by Linda Allen?

This review of Yeast Infection No More gives a detail account of the ingredients and pros and cons of Yeast Infection No More. The information is collected from different online sources such as discussion forums, Q/A websites, and review websites. This Yeast Infection No More review will throw light upon the following aspects of it.
Who is the author of Yeast Infection No More?What is Yeast Infection No More?What are the contents of Yeast Infection No More?How much does Yeast Infection No More cost?What comes along with Yeast Infection No More other than relief?
The yeast infection reliving ebook is written by Linda Allen from California. She is a medical researcher, health consultant and nutritionist. She wrote the book as she once also suffered from yeast infection.
Yeast Infection No More is an instantly downloadable ebook of 250 pages to help in treating all types of yeast infection sufferers successfully. The ebook aims to exterminate the basic causes of yeast infection.
5-step yeast infection no more anti Candida system10 worst foods to avoid10 best anti-yeast foods to useA magical 12-hour healing cure to eradicate on-the-surface symptoms of yeast infectionA quick remedy to end vaginal rash, redness & itchingThe perfect schedule to use anti-fungal supplementsA 12-hour yeast infection relief treatment for maleFast treatment for Mouth Yeast InfectionFast treatment for Nail Yeast InfectionInstructions to test Candida infection at home within 15 minutes2 self-healing breathing strategies which make a prominent effect over your bodyWhy no special diet, anti-fungals or detox program will ever cure your Yeast InfectionThe facts and link between parasites and yeast InfectionExplanation of link between insomnia, stress and Yeast Infection with solutionHow to sustain all the treatments
The chapter one is about the introduction of the book which is comprised of welcome, 10 facts about yeast infection no more no more system, Linda’s own story, how to take advantage of the book at it full, and how to cure yeast infection holistically.
In chapter 2 there is a description of the basic reasons of yeast infection. Linda covers the following points;
Yeast infection Candida symptomsWhy doctors and medical experts fail to tell natural thrush treatmentsHow to take control of your bodyA list of available creams, lotions and pills with their function and side-effectsWhy our body falls illHow to tell your body to apply cleansing process with natural nutrition and balance
In chapter there is a description of diagnosis of yeast infection. The following points are explained;
A variety of medical tests conducted in labs
A check-list questionnaire about yeast infection symptoms
The chapter four has an effective 12 Hour relief treatment.
The chapter five has a fast results mini-program. It is useful for the people who have hectic schedules to follow everyday.
This chapter deals with a complete and detailed 5-step anti-yeast remedy system. It includes 6 nutritional rules, immune system restoration, cleansing of your body system, and remedies to eradicate Candida.
Section 2 deals with stress control, tips to sound sleep, precautions to follow during sex, good hygiene, significance and exercises of laughter, mediation and breathing.
Section three informs about avoidance of yeast infections creating and maintaining Candida free environment. It includes
Other some more yeast infection cures, aromatherapy, bone and joint massage, lymph drainage massage, digestive massage, acupuncture, and homeopathy.
The current price of Yeast Infection No More is $39.97, but it is a limited-time offer as the author mentions on her official website. She may increase the price up to $49.97 as she says when the promotional package is over.

The author offers a pack of 4 other ebooks, free lifetime updates and a super bonus, as she claims, one-on-one counseling with Linda Allen for 3 months as bonus to every buyer.
The ebooks contain;
I.            The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures worth $39.95
II.            Lessons From The Miracle Doctors worth $19.95
III.            How and When to Be Your Own Doctor worth $29.95
IV.            The Healing Power Of Water worth $29.95
You will have a plenty of material to read and practice when you actually have this ebook on your computer so we can say it safely that it will take some time to get rid of your yeast infection. It covers each and every point and cure for yeast information. One good thing about this ebook is that it is written in a very candid and simple language so that everyone can read it with proper understanding. Regarding bonuses, we find one-on-one counseling quite a valuable bonus as you will have direct opinion of the expert.
The bad thing about this ebook is its length since one may get tired of reading it, but it is also the good point which proves the Linda’s laborious efforts of years and comprehensiveness.

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