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Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal Yeast Infection, Candidiasis–Signs and Symptoms

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Whatever you want to call It…it’s annoying and distracting and unfortunately you’ve got it!
A vaginal yeast infection, also known as Candidiasis, is painful, aggravating and gets in the way of your everyday life in a big way.  The worst of it is, just when you think you’ve conquered your infection–it comes back…again and again.
Rest assured you’re not alone.  It’s been estimated that approximately 75% of us experience at least one vaginal yeast infection and around 45% of us will suffer through two or more in our lifetime.
Typical causes of yeast infections include:
PregnancyChanges in Hormone Levels (possibly caused by menopause, peri-menopause or use of birth control pills)Over Use of AntibioticsTight ClothingLack of Proper HygieneIncreased Sexual Intercourse (affects men and women)
Yeast infection symptoms usually include:
Vaginal burning and itchingThick white discharge (should be odorless)Painful sexual intercourseBloating and/or constipationDiarrheaFatigue
You’ve probably tried every product on the market that promises relief, but all the creams and pills that are advertised as the “latest and greatest” yeast infection remedies are only temporary fixes that simply mask the symptoms of the infection.  Then you go back and do it all over again in six to twelve months when the infection returns.
In short, the creams and pills that we all spend millions of dollars on each year aren’t curing the cause of Candidiasis.  In fact, some of these over the counter “cures” contain questionable ingredients that if used repeatedly over extended periods of time, could do more harm than good to your body.
There’s nothing wrong with alleviating the symptoms of a painful vaginal yeast infection, but your goal is to cure it for good–right?
The best treatment for these infections is one that gets to the root cause of the problem.  A quick fix that only alleviates yeast symptoms temporarily isn’t the answer.
What you may not know is that reoccurring yeast infections can lead to an array of health problems for both men and women.
The good news is, you can get rid of your infection for good.  By means of the proven natural yeast infection remedies you’ll learn about here, it is possible to remove these annoying infections from your life forever.
Take action now, educate yourself, apply what you learn here and enjoy the rest of your life without ever having to fight a vaginal yeast infection again!

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Is it possible to have vaginal yeast infection without certain symptoms?

Could you just have the white substance, discharge and odor but not the burning and itching? Also would something like vagisil get the job done of getting rid of the infection, which is mild.

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yes! of course it is possible!!

and if you have yeast infection - you must get rid of it as soon as it is possible!!!

if you really want to get rid of yeast infection forever then you must follow these tips:

1) Eat yogurt!!!! It contains helpful bacteria (live cultures, including acidophilus and bifidus) that destroy yeast. Use only plain yogurt with active cultures.

2) Douche with a solution of 1 to 3 tbsp. vinegar in a quart of water. Repeat once a day while having symptoms, but no longer than a week.

3) Decrease or eliminate sugar and sugary foods. Sugar promotes yeast growth.

4) Use a garlic clove as a suppository. Garlic contains a natural anti-fungal agent.

5) Try gentian violet. It's a traditional remedy for yeast and other infections, and can be found in pharmacies. Swab the area with it once or twice a day. Make sure to use a thick pad - it stains everything.

6) Use an herbal douche. Combine equal amounts of sage, raspberry and comfrey with 1/4 part goldenseal. This can be combined with cider vinegar.

7) You must use herbal treatment. In that case Yeastrol is really good (probably the best) product that gets rid of yeast infection comparatively fast and makes you feel more confident knowing that it wont reappear again!
And of course it is better if you use full course (5 months - if I remember correctly). For me it worked very fast + I dont get yeast infections anymore...

I do not know if any pharmacies carry Yeastrol but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here

good luck!

Working in women's health - Gynecologist + personal experience