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Love Those Good Old Home Remedies

Proven Old Home Remedies

Remember your grandmother?s old home remedies? Remember thinking that she was crazy for using them? Remember thinking ?Wow! Modern technology is so great with all this new medication?? Yeah, me too. But when you have Candida, Grandma?s approach may be your best bet. Safe, inexpensive, and extremely effective ? using home remedies may be ?just what the doctor ordered? ? so to speak.
And those great old home remedies can be a big help in fighting Candida. Despite the fact that we have numerous types of ?new? medicines that are supposed to be more effective at treating disease, many of the old remedies are actually as effective or even more effective than expensive drugs.

One example of this truth is the treatment of vaginal yeast infections. If you have Candidiasis, new medications probably don?t help that much if at all. You may experience relief for a few hours or days, but permanent relief evades you. These drugs may even increase the problem. However, home remedies such as using plain yogurt on a tampon or inserting one clove of garlic into the vagina may have better long-lasting effects that will not make the problem worse. Additionally, you won?t have to spend a fortune buying costly medications with the risk of potential side effects.
If you try old home remedies you may find that your problems clear up much more quickly than expected. Additionally these remedies will not have the side effects that modern medicines may cause. You can be safe and healthy while not have to pay a fortune for medication. Yeast infections have the most helpful home remedies, and you can learn more about those on our main yeast infection home remedies page with extensive how-to information.
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Does anybody know a home remedy for thrush?

it is a yeast based infection of the nipple area caused by breast feeding
  • 6 years ago

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The easiest way to treat and prevent thrush is to eat a yoghurt every day. They must have the live bacteria in them as this is what goes to work to combat thrush. Especially for pregnant mommies, as this is far safer then any medication and is very good for baby also.

For babies tongue thrush, apply pure glycerine

You will need to treat your nipples also


  • 6 years ago

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