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What Causes Yeast Infections – Parasites

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I know…parasites aren’t a particularly pleasant subject, but unless we become familiar with what causes yeast infections in the first place, we’ll live in a viscious cycle of reoccuring  yeast infections.
The majority of those who suffer from yeast infections also have parasites—they seem to go hand-in-hand, unfortunately.
No one wants to believe they have foreign organisms in their bodies that are feeding off the nutrients that are supposed to be benefiting their body. However, estimates show that at least 90% of the world’s population have some sort of parasitic infection—and not all of these people live in third world countries either.  Parasites affect many people that we come into contact with every day.
The presence of parasites in our bodies is quite common and, unfortunately, is what causes yeast infections in many people.  It’s very easy to develop a parasite infection as some infections are highly contagious.
The good news?  Getting rid of parasites is very do-able but it’s important to address the problem and act quickly.
What Causes Parasite Infections…
o Inadequately washed food
o Undercooked food
o Transmission from our pets
o Contaminated water
o Contact with an infected person
o Blood sucking insects (ticks, mosquitos, fleas, lice)
o Soil (Don’t walk barefoot on soil that may have been contaminated with animal feces.)
o Travels to other countries
A few of the symptoms of parasite infections are…
o Diarrhea with Alternating Constipation
o Bloating
o Fatigue or Weakness
o Anemia
o Vomiting
o Muscle Pain
o Itchy skin
o Food Allergies
o Loss of Appetite
o Unexplained Loss of Weight
Parasites not only steal nutrients from your body, they also remove oxygen from your blood and cause a myriad of digestive problems.  They also make you prone to severe allergies to things you’ve never been allergic to before.  Those that have weakened immune systems seem to suffer more extensively from parasite infestation, as well as resulting yeast infections.
A parasite cleanse will help alleviate what causes yeast infections.  It’s crucial to create an unpleasant environment for parasites and other destructive pathogens and organisms.
I personally recommend a product called ParaPure.  Many find that yeast overgrowths are easily brought back into balance with this product.  ParaPure is a complex blend of herbs that have been used for hundreds of years for treatment of several types of intestinal disorders.  It is normally taken orally with food or drink, however one drop can also be mixed with 50 drops of purified water and applied topically to the genital or vaginal area as needed.
Coconut oil may also help with the elimination of parasites.  It’s also great for your liver and provides a healthy balance of fats as well.  Premier Coconut Oil is an extra virgin coconut oil that is made using traditional methods and is not mass-processed with solvents and chemicals, like a lot of other oils.
For good measure, it’s always a good idea to go through a complete parasite cleanse program at least twice yearly.
Stay tuned for “What Causes Yeast Infections – Heavy Metals“…and we’re not talking “Guns and Roses”!

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What is the best gut, parasite, candida, toxins cleanse flush treatment?

What is the best gut, parasite, candida, toxins cleanse flush treatment?

What is the best parasite treatment?

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I am fully behind "The Minx Baby" answer.
The wormwood, mugwort and vera aloe is OK, but careful with the wormwood.
Only the help of Nature in form of overdose on Vitamins, minerals, certain enzymes and hormones can start the healing process to sick and needy.

Anything else - including most of modern Western medicine is just prolonging the pain and suffering.


Practicing Orthomolecular NDr
  • 2 years ago

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