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Things to think about all suffering from a Yeast Infection

Hello my name is Christine Bowers and I was diagnosed a chronic yeast infection. I will tell you now that this is the most difficult thing for me to get rid. The infection was so difficult to get rid of because that I have come across abuse which did not work at all.
Today, I will tell you what you can do and guide you with some tips if you indeed have a yeast infection. The many healings that are available today are pure pain "against". Note how I said remedies but analgesics against? How is this possible? There are also "offers" that do not live to its hype, so be careful.
I know that you are very busy to work or to do a lot of things people do every day. But, if you suffer from a chronic yeast infection, then you seriously need to resolve as soon as possible.
Have you ever went to the Pharmacy and bought a cream that helps the symptoms that you encountered? Tell me, what has happened after you have applied the cream for symptoms? You may say everything went well and nothing really happened. But, cure or solve your problems? I will answer for you, not. And I am not surprised that it still did.
Believe me, I know what you want at the present time. You want to get rid of your infection as soon as possible with the suffering of any right of side effects? That is why I am pleased that my article to! Because you will have access to a natural remedy that works!
If you are currently drinking alcohol or even beer, stop drinking now. If you are eating pasta, bread and other foods that contain a lot of sugars, stop eating now. The reason why I am saying that it is because you will start to notice that your infection will be more difficult to heal. Why? Because these foods will be actually feed the fungus causing infection of yeast to occur.
Now that you know a little of what yeast infection can causes. You will now be in a good position to dispose of them in a few hours. Use natural remedies to treat an infection. In fact, don't assume to seek a remedy online because most of them would not work for a cure. Please be aware of what is available today and the days, avoid and obtain healing and the recommendation that I will provide you a second.
Many people think that the combination of yogurt and yeast infections will do to their bodies. In fact, it will help relieve the fungi and bacteria!

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More Biology help please!?

From which of the following would an AIDS patient be LEAST likely to suffer?

a) Kaposi's sarcoma or other cancers
b) tuberculosis
c) rheumatoid arthritis
d) pneumonia
e) yeast infections of mucous membranes

Please -- it's not in my book. Thank you!

Additional Details

Thanks you guys - but in my book it says: "Another antibody-mediated autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis , leads to damage and painful inflammation of the cartilage and bone of joints."
Do you guys still think thats the answer...? Thank you for your help!
6 years ago
Sorry, the last detail was in response to arthritis
6 years ago
Sorry guys, I wish I could choose a best answer, but I don't know who to pick! I'm going to put it to a vote. I put A, but it turns out the correct answer was B. Yeah...doesn't make sense to me either... I think I'm going to debate that too with my teacher. Thank you all for your help and I'm sorry again that I couldn't pick a best answer!
6 years ago

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I'm posititve
Kaposi's sarcoma is a cancer that causes purple lesions on the skin--most often in men with AIDS
Tuberculosispneumonia, and yeast infections are known as opportunistic infections--infections that healthy individuals can usually fight off, but those who are immuno-compromised have a difficult time fighting these infections.


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Other Answers (5)

  • I would choose rheumatoid arthritis. Your book says that it is another immune disorder, not one necessarily related to AIDs.

    Kaposi's sarcoma is of higher prevalence among AIDs sufferers, as are TB, pneumonia, and yeast infections. Chronic problems with those conditions are often clues that someon is suffering from AIDs in the absense of a test.
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  • Hmm, I would say (C), arthritis, becasue it doesn't have to do with the immune system... that's my guess...
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  • G) do your own homework! hahaha. Just kiddin it's really D ;-)
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  • I would say A) cancer. B,D and E are caused by microorganisms and AIDS would comprimise your immune system and prevent your ability to fight them off. A little known fact is that RHEUMATOID arthritis is actually an auto-immune disorder. Your own immune system attacks your joints. So the only answer that doesn't have to do with the immune system is cancer.
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  • rheumatoid arthritis
    • 6 years ago
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