Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Tips to prevent Yeast Infections - prevention of yeast infections - first part

Unfortunately, the yeast infections are quite common in women - and we often even worse experience, more than one in our life.  It is estimated that 75% of us have experienced infection yeast and about 45% of us have experienced two or more.
The chances are good that if you've not had a vaginal yeast infection yet, it is only a matter of time.
As our mothers told us: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"  Funny how all these sayings that our mothers and grandmothers recited to us make more sense that us ages, but I digress...

Take a look at these simple ways to reduce the risk of a yeast infection before that he never began.
1 Wear panties with a cotton-100% cotton crotch panel briefs are best.
2. If you wear protections regularly, change often.  Otherwise, you will increase the threat of yeast infections recurring.  Yeast grows in moist places, so it is very important to keep excess moisture from the vaginal area to prevent yeast infections.
3. Close fitting pants can also be a problem.  Most air traffic that gets to this area, it is easy to stay dry and "yeast free".
4. Don't wear synthetic or nylon tights hosiery often.  If you are wearing, the type with a cotton crotch is always best.
5. After training sessions of swimming, remove wet clothing and swimwear as soon as possible.  Wet clothing is ideal terrain for the yeast to develop infection.
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That's all for today, but stay for two part where we will discuss the five other Councils for the prevention of yeast infections.

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