Monday, September 17, 2012

Your chronic Yeast Infection - it will be never end?


Facing a chronic yeast infection is embarrassing and painful!  You have no sooner finished with your tube of cream messy, that the infection is back and probably worse than ever.

Although not fatal, the yeast infections can greatly affect your quality of life — and may indicate more serious health problems.

That is why it is so important to identify the root cause of your yeast infections - if you are in a tower of roller coaster, that never completely disappear chronic yeast infections.

There are several factors that can contribute to recurrent yeast infections.  Include antibiotics, oral contraceptives, a weakened immune system (which leaves your body susceptible to bacterial infections), steroid medications that suppress parasitic infestations, your immune system and diabetes.

Action plan the most obvious is to remove or repair as many of the offenders "usual suspects" listed above as possible.

Birth control pills - if you can use another form of other contraception that birth control pills do.  This can go very far to relieve recurrent yeast infections.

Antibiotics : it cannot be over stressed that the use of antibiotics is probably the most important cause of the overgrowth of candida and resulting chronic yeast infections.  Try not to resort to taking antibiotics, except in the case of an implacable of bacterial infections serious.  There are so many other effective remedies for common bacterial infections.  We discuss some of them here...

In addition, diet plays a key factor in infection control chronic yeast.  What you eat can contribute to the growth of the yeast frenzy, or help to control.  Remove the offending food and the yeast will begin to die off the coast.

Schemes of all kinds are rarely easy to paste, but by making a few simple changes may give you the results that you have been the research-which should motivate you to continue!

Stay away from white flour and rice, processed food, beer, sugar (fruit, with a low blood glucose level are acceptable), vinegar (except Apple Cider vinegar) and foods that contain fungi such as mushrooms or are fermented.  These foods can increase your symptoms and feed the yeast Candida growth.  Acidic foods such as red meat may also stimulate the growth of Candida.

Towards foods that have an alkalizing effect in the body (i.e., low Glycemic most fruits, vegetables, almonds, whey protein, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, etc.).  They will create an environment less conducive to the growth of the yeast.

Dealing with chronic yeast infections is not easy, but it is extremely important for your overall health.

Chronic yeast ignored problems can lead to serious disease and the deterioration of health.  There is even evidence linking the outbreak of severe Candida with certain types of cancers.  Candida creates an anaerobic environment (private oxygen) inside the body, which is an ideal environment for cancer to develop and prosper.  However, neither cancer nor Candida can live in an oxygen-rich environment.

If you are dealing with chronic yeast infection, it is important to consult your physician, do your research and decide on the best course of action.  It can take some time and serious research, but a chronic yeast infection can be overcome when you commit to do whatever it takes to strengthen your immune system and take control of your health.

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