Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yeast Infection Treatment Choices

Yeast infection treatment options include a wide range of choices that you should consider carefully.

These fall into three groups:

Home Remedies Drugstore Products Prescription Drugs
There are number of simple, gentle, and effective home remedies for treating yeast infection. These are covered in detail on our Home Remedies page. If you are tuned in with your body and can spot yeast infections early, you rarely need to purchase medical products for yeast infection treatment. If you don't have good access to a doctor or if prefer self-diagnosis for some other reasons, in most cases there is minimal risk in trying some basic home remedies for a few days. If your condition responds favorably and symptoms noticably decrease then there's a good chance you are indeed dealing with a yeast infection. Follow through with the treatment until your condition clears up completely.

Yeast Infection Information

Natural yeast infection remedies are easy to prepare. It is unfortunate that most women have the mindset that a quick dash to the pharmacy will solve their yeast infection problems. However, this need not be the case since natural yeast infection remedy.

If the yeast infection remedy you try don't seem to be working for you then you may wish to consider one of the many non-presprciption, over-the-counter (OTC) products available at your local drugstore. These products are all formulated to kill the yeast infection fungus (Candida) but you should realize that you may not be dealing with the underlying cause of your yeast infection (such as diet, PH imbalance, exposure from a partner, etc.)

Another concern is that repeated use of yeast-killing medications will increase your risk of developing drug-resistant strains of yeast fungus. OTC treatments can be costly, can chemically weaken and break-down latex (used in contraceptive diaphrams and dams), and cause alergic reactions in some individuals. For all of these reasons, we recommend that you consider home remedies as your first plan of attack. See our Drugstore Products page for your choice of drugstore remedies.

If your condition doesn't respond to either home remedies or drugstore products within a reasonable time period the you should definately go to your doctor for help. You may need to resort to a prescription drug called DIFLUCAN. Of course, there's always the possibility that your condition is in fact NOT a yeast infection at all. As always, if there is any doubt you should see your doctor or other medical professional as soon as possible to get an accurate diagnosis. More information on prescription yeast infection treatment is found on our Prescription Drugs page.

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